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Check Some Shrubs That Bloom in Too Cold Winters

While the lowland climate in most parts of India is temperate, mountainous and hilly regions suffer from the serious consequences of the winter season. It is difficult to grow plants and flowers when the winter is cold and snowy.

But do not worry, because there are a lot of plants and especially shrubs in nature that can withstand harsh winters and snowfalls. It will also give you something that will make you shine and overcome the winter sadness.

Plants in cold and severe winters are usually best kept in a greenhouse. But the truth is that we don’t have all of them or we can’t build a greenhouse. Here are some very hardy plants that can survive for a short time in cold rain and snow.

Willow with a blue stem

Usually grown in European climates, it grows well in the cold winters of India. The scientific name of the blue-stem willow is Salix errata. It is a hardy plant that takes root well in cold or humid climates with poor soil. This makes it preferable to many other shrubs.

Rose pteracantha

The flowers of the pterakanta rose are less noticeable than ordinary roses, but they are very hardy and withstand intense cold. In addition, red tips look great.

Rose pterakanta is a tall rose variety with white flowers and large red thorns. You can plant it as a border or place it alone in the middle of the garden. It can grow easily and has spurts of about 10 feet in length. Prune regularly and you will have roses even in cold and rainy weather.

Grevillea with rosemary

It is best to store rosemary grevillea in a greenhouse if it snows for too long. Or just bring it home. Otherwise, grevillea rosemary tolerates low temperatures well.This evergreen shrub forms a figure-shaped mound. It has a needle-like puff pastry with a beautiful combination of green on top and silver on the bottom.

Grevillea flowers are tubular and have a spider shape. They have a beautiful pink-red color. These flowers form bunches and bloom throughout the winter, until the summer heat arrives. It is best to grow grevillea with rosemary in a pot so that it can be easily taken outside or indoors if necessary. Use the appropriate amount of compost.

“Dark bells” on the strap

Dark bells on a leash are also called Australian fuchsias. This is another popular flower for the winter. This variety has beautiful bell-shaped flowers of bright pink color. The bush shows a reflection that makes her look like a ball gown. The shrub blooms from October to March, so a magnificent view awaits him in the garden.

These are tender evergreen shrubs. You need to keep them tightly packed by pinching the lagging bumps. You may need to place pikes or sticks to support them as the plant grows. The plant is usually strong and woody. However, this may not be the matter and may become elastic if there is too little light or the temperature is high.

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