Airs Garden Gardening Tips Latest and New Tips to Fight with Pests

Latest and New Tips to Fight with Pests

Your beautiful garden can be struck by pests, but the good news is that plants can prevent and action pests. When choosing a pesticide for your plant, you should avoid using chemicals. So, in this article, we are going to discuss some home remedies to protect plants from pests.

Different Types Of Pests That Affect Plants:

Caterpillar – The caterpillar strikes the shoots, leaves and stems of plants.

Whitefly: The whitefly emits honey dew on the leaves, fruits and stems, which causes white mold to appear.

Grape weevil: The grape weevil eats the leaves by making holes in the leaves.

Slugs and snails: it is common in all gardens.

Aphids: Green, white and black aphids are known as plant lice. Like aphids and ants, they dig up the soil with a root that finishs the plant.

Rubbing: Rubbing feeds on the roots of herbs and plants.

Capsid bugs – strike new leaves and soft stems.

So, these are some of the common pests that finish the plant. But we can prevent these pests using folk remedies.

What Are The Different Types Of Home Remedies For Pest Control?

Neem Paste: Soak 1 kg of neem leaves in 5 liters of water for about 12 hours or overnight. Make a paste and squeeze out the juice. Spray it on the insects.

Soapy water: Take 10 grams of soap without detergent and baking soda. Mix it with water and spray on pests.
Creamy apple seed powder: Dry the powder and sprinkle it on the ground or prepare a paste and apply it on the stems and leaves.

Tobacco Extract: Take 100 grams of tobacco, Soak in 4 liters of water. Make a paste and squeeze out the juice. Sprinkle or spray the extract with pesticides. But avoid using this spray on tomatoes, brinjal, chili peppers and peppers.

Chili Garlic Extract: Mix chili peppers and garlic cloves in equal proportions. Boil it in water and store it for two days. Strain it and use it as a spray.

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