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New Summer Plants That Soak Up the Heat

The summer season is not so far away. In April, the hot weather worries us because of the plants in our garden. But do not be discouraged, we have listed below the plants that absorb the summer heat. So enjoy gardening and this hot summer.

Summer Heat-absorbing Plants


Kalanchoe plants are ornamental succulents. Which is native to America, Asia and Africa. The plants have fleshy leaves and produce attractive colourful flowers. When new flowers grow, the branches die. Then new branches grow from the base of the plant.

When sowing, do not place the seeds deep, as the seeds are small. It is enough to sow in the topsoil. Kalanchoe plants grow best in porous soils and rich soils.


Coleus can grow well in pots and can also be stored as indoor plants for home decoration. They are colorful annual plants and reach a height of 30 to 50 centimeters. Coleus plants grow best in humorous soils and soils with a bite mixture. The plant needs a minimum of 4-6 hours of sunlight.

Celosia’s cock comb:

Coelosia coelosia is an annual plant reaching a height of 25 to 50 centimeters. The plant has pinnate spines and has several colors such as yellow, gold, red, silver and orange. Plants grow best on well-drained sandy soil. It needs a moderate amount of sunlight.


Moghra is a popular flower known for its white flower fragrance. It is a shrubby and dense plant. The plants grow in summer and during the rainy season. The plant needs full sun.


Balsam plants are beautiful pink, red, white, blue and have a lot of colors. The Balm grows well at 6-8 hours of sun exposure. And grow on rich soil.


Zinnia plants are butterfly-loving plants. Zinnia is bright, solitary and looks like a chamomile that grows straight. The average height of this plant is 3 feet. The plant prefers rich soil and grows in full sun. Plants are also grown in containers.


Calendula flowers can be used in crafts and weddings. They need rich soil and grow in full sun. Water them every day in moderation. There are two types of marigolds: French marigolds and African marigolds.


The sunflower is known as a sun-loving flower that looks directly at the sun. It had bright yellow flowers with brown centers. The flower prefers 6-8 hours of sunlight and moist, rich soil, but make sure that the soil is not too moist.


Hibiscus is widely used to worship Lord Ganesha and Goddess Kali and has a variety of colors in addition to red. The plant needs 12-13 hours of sunlight and can grow on almost any soil.

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