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Simple and Useful Tips to Grow Lobelia

If I had to choose a favorite flower, it could be Lobelia. The rich blue color of this delicate annual flower gives a beautiful shade to raised beds and containers. Lobelia flowers are a variety of small tubular flowers of blue, white, purple or purple color. These four tips will teach you how to grow and add Lobelia to your Garden or containers.

4 tips for growing Lobelia

When buying transplants, look for compact and healthy transplants with few flowers, short stems and dark green leaves. Avoid plants with wilted flowers or with yellow foliage.

2. plant Lobelia at the right time.

In most places, Lobelia plants are transplanted in the spring after the peril of frost disappears. Lobelia blooms from early summer to the first frosts in places with mild summer climates. After frosts, remove the dead plants and add them to the compost pile.

Plant Lobelia from the end of September to December in hot summer weather. Lobelia blooms in early spring until a sharp rise in temperature in June. Plant Lobelia in shady areas so that it stays alive longer.

When to Plant Lobelia in Arizona

  • Plant seeds indoors:
  • July-October
  • Transplanting plants outdoors:
  • 15 September-December

3. plant Lobelia in the ground or in containers.

Lobelia plants are 4 to 24 inches wide and 4 to 8 inches tall. They are an excellent option for sneaking up on other larger plants, as well as on the outer edges of raised beds and containers. The compact size of Lobelia makes it an ideal option for growing in containers.

My favorite combination of plants is Lobelia planted with blue sage. They look so good that they have grown up together. I find myself adding this combination all over my yard.

How to grow Lobelia Lobelia and blue sage

  • Lobelia, blue sage, artichoke and leg lark Lobelia, blue sage, artichoke and leg lark
    Lobelia prefers moist, rich, well-drained soil. Place compost in the planting area before planting.
  • Choose a place with partial sunlight (4-6 hours) – morning sun is ideal.
  • Cover the plants well after planting to keep moisture and soil fresh.
  • Feed with fish fertilizer after planting to stimulate growth and flowering.
  • Shade the newly planted seedlings for the first few days.

4. Care for Lobelia as it grows

  • Lobelia can suffer from heat stress during hot periods. Give the plants extra water.
  • Reduce the number of flowers used regularly to increase the number of flowers.
  • All parts of Lobelia are harmful. Keep plants away from pets and children.
  • Allow the plant to empty the seeds, and you can sow the seeds again next season.
  • If using Lobelia as a cut flower, keep the stem on fire for 15 seconds immediately after cutting to seal the latex in the stem. This prevents the juice from getting into the water (shortens the shelf life of the vase) and keeps the containers that conduct water open

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