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Simple Tools for Removing Weeds and Invasive Plants

Plants are wonderful, but sometimes we come across unwanted or invasive plants. These plants often seem almost impossible to finish without chemicals or special tools. Having the right weed removal tool can speed up and make this task easier. There are many tools for removing weeds, some of which are more useful for a particular plant than others. Let’s look at how to get rid of invasive plants and what tools will help to do the job.

How to get rid of invasive plants

Yard maintenance is to remove weeds and invasive flora from the beds and lawn. This can be difficult for some plants due to underground stolons, deep roots and the ability to grow even from a small piece of plant material.

Natural methods of controlling invasive plants include manual extraction or excavation of an aggressive specimen. Mechanical disposal is often the simplest and does not require permits, special preparations or chemicals. But this requires the right tool. 0 seconds on 0 seconds volume 0%

Easy-to-dig tools to remove weeds

There is always a suitable tool for the right job, and this is not an exception in gardening. For example, if you want to remove Lonicera, you need a honeysuckle removal tool. If the plant is young, you can pull it by hand, then dig it up to the root and cut it with a root saw. A large rooted plant will need vigorous and consistent pruning.

There will be new growth, but if it is restrained, the plant will eventually not be able to collect solar energy and will perish. For most plants, digging tools are sufficient. A good shovel or a sharp shovel will make it easier to dig up the roots. A garden fork is another useful tool for removing resistant plant roots. Dandelion grass takes deep roots, just like Hori-Hori.

Heavy weeding tools

There are several specialized tools for removing unwanted weeds and plants. A shovel is a simple tool that will give the best yield when removing larger roots. Weed extractors on claw handles allow you to pull weeds without bending over. The puller of one brand is distinguished by its durability and ease of use. A more expensive, but robust tool is an uprooting. This great tool is often used in land management to remove small trees and stubborn invasive vines. The Pullerbear is a sturdy steel tool that clamps around the base of the plant. With the necessary effort, he will pull the whole plant out of the ground. A pickaxe is a classic garden tool that will dig into the ground and knock down invasive weeds.

How to get rid of invasive weeds with blade tools

Some plants will die if they are simply cut. In such matters, machetes, braids, scythes, axes and slingshots come into play. The constant removal of plant material prevents its photosynthesis, as a result of which the roots will lack carbohydrates.

After the plant has been cut, it may be necessary to treat the exposed plant material with a herbicide specially designed for this plant. To avoid the use of chemicals, the site can be tanned. Cover the area with black plastic and wait a few months. When the base or stump is dead, return with a heavy tool to extract the roots.

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